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 What we do

You probably have a ton of things in your company that need improvement,
but are just outside of the scope of your core business.
That’s where delft engineering comes in.

Mechatronic systems are our specialty and
we would love to introduce you to some examples.



We have extensive knowledge about bringing a concept into reality.


Stop doing all the manual labour and let us automate the entire process for you.


Saving cost and time by making it work like it should.

Niche products

We are able to deliver that one of a kind solution that you are looking for.



 Our experience

Please let us introduce you to our previous projects.

  • sensor node
    sensor node
  • windtunnel validation
    windtunnel validation
  • fourier transform infrared spectrometer
    fourier transform infrared spectrometer
  • spokeless driven wheel
    spokeless driven wheel


Why us

We are not just another software or hardware company.
We differentiate ourselves in that we can combine expertise from various fields in a way other companies can’t.
We can make your niche product that is simply not viable for other companies to make.



Broad knowledge in engineering



Analytical and structured approach



Communicate directly with engineers

Products that exceed expectations



Familiar with products & industry



Hands-on experience in manufacturing techniques



How we do it

By integrating various areas of expertise,




A good design can often be evaluated by its simplicity. We actively look for ways to simplify designs. This time investment drives down costs, minimizes points of failure and eases debugging. You end up with an elegant product that fulfills exactly the desired functionality, without any bloat.



With the many parameters that determine the quality and price of a product, we realize that designing is purely a balancing act. By evaluating the importance of parameters, it is possible to make well-founded decisions between options.



By testing subassemblies whenever possible, weaknesses in the design can be found at an early stage of development. Finding these weaknesses early on decreases development time and costs in the long run and enables the realization of a flawless final product.



Who we are

Four students who have spent two years building record breaking electric race cars
and won the fiercest student competition in the world.

We have experience in bringing wild ideas from sketch to practice and we know we work well in a team.
We enjoy what we do and are motivated to make the world work the way it should.